The Heat Is On!

As the temperatures rise, it can feel like you’re living in the desert (some of you actually are); or maybe you’re hitting the road this summer to visit a southwest destination (wish I was)! Decorate you desktop and phone with my summer skelly desert: download either wallpaper (they’re free!) by clicking on the coordinating image below, then right click and choose ‘save as desktop background’ or save and download to your smartphone. Easy! Happy July! (P.S. sorry for the song in your head…now I’m showing my age!)

Desktop Background Download:


Smartphone Background Download:


Please note: all images, patterns and designs are © Leigh Hannan and are available for your personal use only. You may not reproduce, sell or re-create them. You may share them on your blog or other social media (please do!) with a link back to this page so that others may download them. Skelly Love, Leigh xo

© Leigh Hannan